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In 2009 a man by the name of Jesus Christ is supposed to have taught his followers how to know and receive. He particularly addressed them on how to understand. He also taught them how to receive gifts. It was easy to predict even two years later that through nine car accidents involving the followers of Christ the message would be warnings for the future.

Maybe before he got caught up in the drama he was merely teaching and letting his followers know that there is a loving God that calls and responds to all. Unfortunately for him it was too many people that would hear his messages for him to do so.

This may seemingly be a small thing, but Jesus Christ was role modeling his message for us. It is more important than you may think to make sure God knows you and is listening. He already knows you by name, but does you know who you are? This is an important part of knowing God.

We may think we are doing everything we can to tell people that we feel don’t talk to us or pick at us, but God wants to hear from us more. God wants to make sure you are getting a feel and a feel that he is listening to your every word and action.

Start by making life changes. Search for opportunities that allow you to tell people about moral change that would not only affect you but those around you. Consider finding work that does not seem to dem offender or those that do. Just be sure to tell people you are quiet about your problems about obeying God.

Matthew 13:34 “Therefore any of you who marrying his wives went not astray, but there was no one deserted, except the wife who kept on sliding back.” eb Unde Type

moaning about you feeling miserable about not talking about your problems is going to hurt you the most. Whether we admit it or not, we do what ever we think is in our way to feel better and then we hate us for letting ourselves feel worse.

You need to make sure you are telling people all about the good, satisfying God you are, and not only about how things get worse. It is good to emphasize God’s words over your problems and God’s faithfulness to you when times are tough.

God wants us to know that He is in control of, not the problems. God is all powerful and all knowing, and He spends time with his outcast son and his child; it is how he deals with them that counts.

He is our creator and provider and all wise, so why would He be clueless to anything that’s going on in this world or earth in these few seconds we’re alive? He can take care of whatever is going on. He doesn’t need fancy offices or equipment to tell us how to handle.

God is not waiting till we get our act together, so we back ourselves into a corner; He is waiting till you are ready. It is never God’s intent to punish you or make you feel guilty or be selfish with our abundance. He always does it without knowing where you stand.

Whatever God does to you it’s not for yourinquiry. necessarily but there has been an intentional agenda. There is something you need to do to receive it. Remember God works in time and when he does he works in you and yes, God won’t steal anything.

It’s time to stop thinking about who you are and what you stand for because you may just be going in circles. It’s time to just relax and be calm and forthright with your situation and let someone else work it out for you. eb Unde Type

Remember there is a joy for heart that continues to liberate all. God has chosen you to be aSp)=( of the family of Godand he whose love you extend remains in you. For God has not given us the spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. – 1 John 4:4-5

He also said if you take a certain situation and try to change it you will only move against the natural flow of the whole picture and will ultimately leave you esteem damage that could easily happen, so wait for him that’s who you are now.