the Law of Attraction

the Law of Attraction

Are You Living the Law of Attraction Or the Law of Attraction of Life?

The Law of Attraction in the Universe isana lih cringe, but it works. Another term for the law of attraction is life. The law of life or what is commonly occurring in reality is the law of attraction.

Life iscoming. Life is happening. Life is not a matter of whether or not you want it or do not want it. Life is what it is. Whatever is going on in the physical world is what you are going to observe, whether that is pleasant or unpleasant. Life is what you do not force it to be.

Life is Knocking

You can if you wish to create that which you want. That is the essence of the law to work. The law of life is not a concept solely on the physical level. Life is always a psychological event in existence, whether it is peaceful, chaotic, pleasant, unpleasant.

The law of attraction works from a different level. Spiritual beings work on a non-physical level. The former is pure spirit and the latter is physical, material. Thus, the law of attraction is to a certain extent neutral. The law of life is most definitely mental, spiritual, and physical.

The Law of Life is Abundant

It is no coincidence that the law of attraction is for the benefit of all, and there is plenty of it. Life is always a match for everything.

There will always be those who are always experiencing abundance in all areas of life. Life is always a match for life. Look at the contrast of those who are sad and desperate. They are not happy. They do not feel fulfilled and satisfied with their own lives.

Despite all of life’s contradictions the law of life is never biased in favor or against anyone. Life works and it works all the time.

Every day we come across life’s attractions that bring great happiness or joy. We can choose to focus on the one or the many. We can benefit from the misery or the joy. They are both present in everyone’s experience. They come to us when we focus on what we want more of, and less of.

What is it we do that creates our own happiness? Have we been disempowering ourselves again and again with our focus on the fear, lack, limitation, stances, and anxieties? Do we start our day wishing we were not alive the joy of positive living is available to everyone?

Imagine living the law of attraction over the law of life. Then you will clearly see that the law of attraction unconditionally works for the few and the number of those who achieve happiness will be many.

Abundance is Abundant

Abundance is inherent in life. Approach life with an abundant mentality and then the law of life and the law of attraction must support you. You are most likely to be successful.

You are much like those very few who understand the value of the law of attraction and live it. They are the very few who are able to live their lives with full confidence, live with intense happiness, and success comes easily.

Another use for your emotions and feelings (life’s vibrations) is the law of attracting. You may deny you are doing it, but you are. In fact, you are living it, as are those who are using their emotions and feelings intentionally for the greater good.

What can we say about the law of attraction? It is obvious we are here to create. We are here to manifest and create. Just as nature uses the law of gravity, the law of attraction works in the same way. scatter the ultras graphsraining, you get braver´┐Ż

You can create

But, you may ask, is this all science. Apparently not. Or, rather, we can say that energetic elbow grease is required and many practical applications can be discovered by the application of scientific processes.

Give up some time each day to reflect on what you care about with the power of the mind. Then decide upon your heart’s desire, then act on it. It is no accident that the law of attraction also works along with the law of life. It is ideal for all.