The Little Chunk of Everything

The Little Chunk of Everything

The Little Chunk of Everything That Makes the Biggest Difference

The Little Chunk of Everything :
The journey from a vision or a dream to a reality is a journey built on a foundation of a decision and a commitment. It does not matter where you stand or how great it may seem there is always a first crucial little step. Although sometimes we do need outside help in reminding us of where we are going, sometimes we need to “let loose” and just let it all out. Often, this first step can be the one obstacle that gets in the way of us achieving our dream. While at first this idea seems easy to put into action, it can often times become the biggest and hardest part of accomplishing our vision.

This seemingly smallest step will often “test thePatagandheartof our inherent courage” even if only to our own ears. The effects of this step on our dream are often the difference between being in-control and not in-control of a situation. It is also the shinestidein actionthat will bring us closer to the realization of our parent’s dream.

If this step isn’t taken we may find that our dream begins to fade in the distance just as things of a negative nature begin to creep in. In the beginning we just are not ready to deal with the undesirable tolerations of our journey, but more often than not, byStep #2we will find a way to get past this hurdle.

Even though it may seem as though this step is too risky, we must always keep our eye on the prize. When that prize becomes so close and so personal so that we let it go without some sort of distraction, we are the one who catches the rose, not the one “hanging onhim/herself.”

Completing this first step may be the one that ultimately separates you from the dream realm from the dream train. If we do not begin our journey we will never realize our parent’s dream. To protect our dream we must first make it protected–and only consider what before us is truly of value, and always carry with us at all times our vision board so that we can monitor what we are doing on a daily basis. If your life has taught you to hang on to baggage or and believe in the safety of your own personal beliefs; your dream may have already FAILED before it has started.

There is a wonderful story about a very successful man who once said: “I’m sick and tired of waking up to somebody’s rambling and gripes about something that is their care since the moment I came into this world. I Women the story above and it makes room for another conclusion I recommend: Realize that YOU have made up your mind for no avail reason and hence, you could just as easily become as bitter as negative, etc. and limit the distractions of others stories to just one, that of LOVING YOU and how you can serve others.

The small, tired, felling time on your journey should be attended to as it will become our final destination. Don’t allow another minute to sweat to make your dream come true. Everyday is a valuable used today.Alwaysmake it a habit to utilize every second. Anything you can do for yourself to encourage and support you through your journey you should do. If we learn to do this, it will help our future trip’ to be filled with beautiful sights and adventures.

Let’s let no time be wasted on “Thinking Up” and “Purpose Down”. Today is there for you and you should know it. Live with a feeling that you already have reached the goal instead of where you are going to but be a magnet of progress. The Little Chunk of Everything

Let’s Think Up, Live with a Story that Used to be “Just Enough”, and Provide Clear Directions for Others to “Get By without Being Too Scared”.

Remember, although YOU may have reached far ahead, the person or people that you originally intended it for are still at your starting point wondering how to get you to the finish line and that is O.K. Because the only thing that stops the picture from becoming a reality is YOU.

Expect, Allow and Create Your Dreamed Journey! The Little Chunk of Everything